Insurance Tech Startups Landscape

With an onslaught of new tech startups, here are the top 125 players you need to be aware of in the insurance technology landscape. Venture capitalists, corporate investors and other private insurance companies are all supporting the newest life, health, property and casualty insurance applications.

Here is the industry table called the Periodic Table of Insurance Tech. This valuable visual tool clearly outlines the key players in the quickly-growing insurance tech landscape.

Periodic Table of Insurance Tech

How to Read the Periodic Table of Insurance Tech

There are a total of ten categories color-coded to cover the main insurance tech groups. The left side of the table focuses on insurance companies such as:

  1. Health Insurance - Several health insurance companies are represented ranging from health insurance carriers such as Oscar Health to insurance comparison and search engines like HealthSherpa and Stride Health. Also included are insurance software brokerage firms like Zenefits.
  2. Auto Insurance - The auto insurance startups that made our table include mobile claims apps like Snapsheet, usage-based insurance platforms like Metromile and Censio as well as insurance comparison sites like Goji and Coverhound.
  3. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Insurance - Innovative P2P insurance businesses like Friendsurance and Guevara are turning heads with their success.
  4. Small Business Insurance - Commercial insurance companies that help small business owners include Embroker, Finanzchef24 and Insureon.
  5. Insurance Industry Software - Insurance industry software companies like Quantemplate and fraud detection businesses like Shift Technology made our list.
  6. Mobile Insurance Management - You will also see popular mobile apps like GetSafe and Knip that help customers buy and manage their insurance policies.
  7. Product Insurance - Insurance companies that protect and track smartphones and laptops are represented on our table as well.
  8. On the right side of the table, you will notice that the private insurance companies transition to corporate investors, venture capital firms and accelerators/incubators. The criteria used for placing these insurance investors on the table included their recent investments into insurance tech startups and the number of portfolio investments made in this industry.
  9. Corporate Investors - Corporate investors on our list are conventional companies such as MassMutual, Transamerica and Google.
  10. Venture Capital Firms - Venture capital firms who made the table show businesses with investments from $25 million to over $1 billion.
  11. Accelerators/Incubators - The accelerators or startup incubators usually combine their funds into mentorship, equity investment and company development. Some insurance tech names to watch for in this category include Global Insurance Accelerator and Startup Bootcamp Insurance.


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