Getting Started

Getting started with Insurance Revenue is super simple. Sign up for an publisher account on our website by clicking on the Sign Up button. While you wait for approval, check out our publisher university and your publisher dashboard. Go through our publisher university to learn some best practices of promoting our offers and take some time to explore your dashboard so you're ready to go once approved.

Once your account is approved by your publisher manager, you can start to running traffic to our offers. We recommend reaching out to your publisher manager to get any questions answered before launching your first campaign. You can choose to advertise via online banner ads, email marketing, search engine marketing, social media or by word of mouth, this is completely up to you (please review our terms of use).

Next, when people find the advertisement you have created and go to the website, to request an insurance price quote by filling out the form. When this happens, you will receive a commission for bringing us this lead. When a potential customer calls the phone number listed on the website or in the banner ad, we pay you after the caller stays on the line for 2 minutes.

The breakdown of the process is simple:

  1. You promote our website or phone number
  2. Targeted traffic reaches a relevant landing page and becomes interested
  3. Customers act on the information by either going to our website and completing the form, or calling our phone number
  4. Customer then turns into a lead
  5. You get paid!

It's that easy to become an publisher with us and to start making money. There's no need to worry about dealing directly with the potential leads, convincing them to purchase anything, or monetizing the lead yourself. Simply put, if you can run quality traffic to our publisher offers, then you can make some serious money.