Lead Buyers

Time is money and we recognize that your time is important. We can help you generate the customers you want without having to filter through tons of information. We do the filtering for you based on the criteria you specify ahead of time. We offer consumers what they're looking for and match you with the consumers you want to advertise your insurance products to.

We offer insurance companies the opportunity to buy leads, calls and clicks to increase their book of business. We offer pre-filtered clicks for your website as well as calls filtered with IVR. We can also send you good leads ahead of time, after weeding out the bad ones, so you and your sales representatives don't waste time.

Helping Make a Perfect Match

Consumers fill out a basic form to request a price quote for the specific type of insurance they are looking for. Based on the results, we match the consumer with the appropriate insurance carrier or broker based on their underwriting criteria.

We can help you target consumers based on a variety of criteria, including location, whether or not they are a homeowner and many other factors. We filter even further based on the type of insurance you are selling and the type consumers are looking for. As an example, if it is a car insurance, we can target by number of drivers at the residence, driving record, car make, model, etc. You get the information you need to target the consumers you are looking for.

Directing Traffic Your Way

We generate consumer traffic to your business in three ways:

  1. Clicks. We use pre-filtered clicks to move traffic your way, using eye-catching advertising and unique content.
  2. Calls. We direct callers to your call center who match the criteria you have established with us so you only get the consumer calls you are seeking.
  3. Leads. We send you good, solid leads based on filtering information you provide. Our sophisticated quality control systems weed out bad leads so your sales representatives aren't wasting their time and yours.

All of our filtering is based on information and criteria you give us so every lead, call, or click comes from your target audience. And this generates customers and business.