Promoting Insurance Calls

When promoting publisher offers, you can make more money by generating phone calls than leads or clicks. Publishers get paid for each qualified call they generate. And there are a number of ways you can turn advertising for insurance into phone calls.

Click to Call

Many people use their cell phones to surf the net. When an ad appeals to them for something they need, they are likely to click on it. When the ad tells them what they want to know, giving them the correct information for their needs, they are then likely to click on the phone number provided on their mobile phone. In fact, approximately half of all mobile searches result in a phone call. Many search engines offer ad extensions that allow for phone calls to be made directly through the ad.

Email to Call

As many as sixty percent of all emails are opened on a mobile phone which increases the likelihood of a phone call being made. Users on a mobile phone just have to click the number and they are instantly connected. By including a phone number with your email advertising, you increase the chances of generating customers by phone call.

Website to Call

A phone number adds credibility to a website and encourages people to call; generating potential customers. As long as the html code for the number is added properly, customers on mobile phones can click on the number and be connected instantly.

Banner to Call

Many banner ad networks allow for phone numbers on the banners and you can target mobile phones so that potential customers can click directly on the number and make the call. This allows instant access for potential customers.

Hold to Call

For large volume call centers, adding voice ads during hold time that relate to your callers' needs is a good way to generate calls. By advertising for a service that is relevant to customers' needs, you can generate customer interest and they are more likely to make that call.

Online Radio to Call

Many people listen to online radio using their mobile devices. Many stations enable click to call in their ads so that potential customers can click on the number and get instant phone access to the product that caught their attention.

Radio and TV to Call

Many radio and television advertising uses pay per call marketing services to help generate calls for services.

There are many ways to convert marketing to actual calls so that you can generate interested and potential customers for your services.