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With world-class assistance in the form of cutting-edge technology, advanced digital marketing support, unrivaled conversion rates and reliable weekly payment schedules, it's no wonder is one of the most trusted car insurance affiliate platforms in the world!

Become an affiliate and tap into the convenience and efficiency of our proprietary lead-matching software. As an established authority in the insurance leadgen industry, our experience makes an affiliation a valuable addition to your site.

What Opportunities are There for Publishers in the Car Insurance Market?

Even with the push for greater public transportation across the country, the number of Americans with a driver's license went up significantly in 2014, from 167 million to 214 million. According to, the car insurance industry rakes in $228 billion annually, with an average growth rate of 2.8% each year. Most states have mandatory auto insurance laws so chances are, if you drive, you're required by law to purchase auto-insurance.

Demand for auto-insurance is not slowing anytime soon, and more consumers are searching for the best deals online. Our affiliates have the perfect opportunity to connect consumers with plans that best match their budgets— and we equip our affiliates with all the tools and support they need to make these connections happen. has opportunities for affiliates following both Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Call models.

What are the Benefits of Being a Publisher for is the largest marketplaces to sell car insurance, life insurance, home insurance and health insurance. Our broad-reaching and well-trusted network allows publishers to earn more money from insurance leads than with any other affiliate program in the insurance affiliate market.

Our staff has many years of experience in the financial and insurance industries bringing to the table winning strategies for reaching more consumers, building successful relationships with leading insurance providers, raising conversion rates, and optimizing lead generation. The success of our publishers and insurers is as important to us as our own success— because your success is our success.

At, we offer publishers:

High Conversion Rates

Our advanced tools, proprietary consumer-matching technology, long history in the financial and insurance industries, and unwavering integrity combine to make the largest and most trusted car insurance affiliate platform in the industry. Our conversion rates are unrivaled—and that translates to more revenue for our publishers.

Join the world's largest car insurance affiliate program and start making money, today.

Timely and Easy Payments has a solid reputation of paying publishers on time, every time. We also offer a wide array of payment schedules and types. Publishers have choices of revenue share, flat CPA as well as structured tier payouts. We can make payments to publishers via ACH, PayPal, wire transfers, WebMoney, checks and more.

See why has the most trusted car insurance affiliate program on the market.

Proprietary Technology utilizes its own, state-of-the-art, proprietary software that optimizes matches between consumers and insurance providers. It's no wonder we have some of the highest conversion rates in the industry— and our publishers have the highest payouts.

A Cutting-Edge Publisher Dashboard

We equip our publishers with top-of-the-line tools such as real-time analytics for insight into which strategies are working (and which aren't), as well as highly-effective and intuitive marketing tools like custom email templates and banner ads.

For our Pay Per Call publishers, our dashboard offers the ability to create phone numbers unique to each campaign.

See the amazing array of tools we make available to our publishers. Provides Unrivaled Support to Help Publishers Succeed provides a level of support (and tools) that goes unmatched in the car insurance affiliate market.

Whether you're a Pay Per Lead publisher or Pay Per Call publisher, publishers are more likely to succeed than on any other platform out there.

Our tools and support includes:

Email Marketing

The email marketing platform provides a variety of basic formats and templates to choose from. Each is compatible with industry best practices a follow the most up-to-date protocols for CAN-SPAM compliance. Every one of our templates is tested across all major viewing platforms, including mobile.

Pay Per Call Tool Management

When it comes to Pay Per Call campaigns, results can be difficult to track. The platform allows publishers to create phone numbers unique to each campaign, so metrics are easy to compile and review.

AdWords Certified Paid Search Support

Even our most experienced paid search publishers have discovered that our on-staff AdWords Certified experts know as much— if not more— about advanced PPC as they do.

Organic Traffic

The affiliate support team has a solid grasp on generating organic traffic, and we are well-equipped to support you in any type of campaign you can think of to accomplish this.

Unparalleled Integration has one of the most versatile and robust car insurance affiliate programs on the market. We know our publishers' jobs is to generate high-quality leads. Our staff will facilitate the rest. The platform empowers publishers to

  • Easily send traffic directly to our websites
  • Integrate our forms on their own sites,
  • Host & post leads from their form to us,
  • Ping & post loan leads on a tier structure and more!

We Work Tirelessly for our Publishers' Success

The publisher support team at is constantly developing new tools and improving old ones. After all, as an publisher, your success is our success.

We offer:

World-Class Web Support offers a number of fully-hosted and maintained websites that take the burden of backend management off your plate, as well as design and integration support for a site you host. We excel at providing publishers white-glove support in the exact way they need.

Publisher University

Our Publisher University features world-class, expertly sourced advice to provide an edge to even the most experienced car insurance affiliates. We cover topics such as insight into the various insurance industries in order to increase conversions, a guide to marketing compliance and even a complete and up-to-date tip sheet on the best tools to use for your campaigns.

Fresh Banner Ads doesn't recycle campaigns. We create fresh, original and eye-catching creative visuals to make the job of steering leads our way even easier.

Social Media Marketing Materials

In the realm of click-based marketing, Facebook is king. We have developed an ever-evolving library of proven lead-generating (and shareable) text and imagery.

Advanced JavaScript Forms

Our universal forms our easily customizable to whatever campaign needs you have, and seamlessly integrate into your website. Robust, flexible JavaScript forms allow you to maintain the unique look and feel of your brand while generating leads for us.

Expert SEO Advice

We work tirelessly to position our publisher's sites within relevant keyword searches, making it more likely that organic search methods will turn up sites within our network. We leverage unique copy from US-based writers, and offer a detailed link-building guide in order to attain high standards of SEO.

XML Integration

Automated XML integration with makes it simple to quickly adapt and create solutions to generate leads.

Mobile First

We develop every website with a mobile first approach, keeping us—and our publishers—up-to-date with the latest trends in internet usage. And in keeping with the mobile spirit, we offer great payouts for mobile generated leads, as well as live phone transfers.

Self-Service Online Publisher Portal

Our world-class publisher support dashboard gives publishers 24/7 access to real time statistics reports and other cutting-edge insights, empowering affiliates more than any other platform in the car insurance affiliate market.

Fully Customizable Partnerships

At, we assign publishers their own specialist and Account Managers to develop custom partnerships and lead generating programs for the innovators who have talents and skillsets not covered elsewhere on this page. Boasts One of the Most Trusted Car Insurance Affiliate Programs in the World

Our company is one of the most established car insurance affiliate platforms in the industry. Our founders and team bring decades of experience to the table, having made personal connections with everyone in finance, from insurance providers, to affiliates, and even consumers themselves. This is not a fly-by-night operation. We're just as present at industry trade shows as we are on the web and social media.

At, our reputation and successful track record are supported by an unparalleled level of ethics, dedication to our publishers and constant striving for innovation. We provide the best possible service to prospects, publishers, and financial partners alike in addition to following the letter of the law.

We will revoke affiliates' active status should they be found in breach during our regular checks. Thanks to cutting-edge tracking programs, we are assured that the leads we're working with are actual live consumers— not robots. Our company is the real deal, so we know our publishers are as well.

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